Paradise R3

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In July 2012 there was a group buy on diyaudio for PCB’s of the Paradise R3 phono preamplifier which has a very good reputation. Shortly thereafter another group buy was started for the complete components for that board. In the ligth of the prices I was not able to resist and I joined both group buys.

Before everything reached me I was able at the beginning of November 2012 on the analog forum Krefeld of the AAA at the booth of Ultraudio to satisfy myself from the quality of this phono preamp. What I heard there let my anticipation for the own Paradise R3 further grow.

At the 9th of November 2012 all parts of the group buy reached me via the German postal. To all involved parties and helpers and in particular the MPP team

Thank You very much

for the troubles, work and patience you have brought up.

All Parts from the Group Buy of the Paradise R3

All Parts from the Group Buy of the Paradise R3