XOno 2019 Reviews

Heiner F. (03-10-2020)

Recently, I have acquired the new Xono 2019 with servo controllers in the fully equipped version. I would like to try to describe the sound here. First of all I would like to say that I am really very satisfied with the old Xono.

Well, and now the new one.

I was prepared for it to sound better. Theoretically it should have less noise by using more transistors in the input and by omitting the coupling capacitors, there should be more neutrality at this point as well. Surely the other improvements also have an influence on the sound, but I can’t assign that to the sound.

Well, I have the feeling that the new one is even less noisy. That’s just a feeling, because it didn’t make any noise before. I sit about 4.5m away from my speakers and even at high levels I can’t hear any difference between the noise of the CD input and the noise of the phono stage. I find that impressive every time.

Now for the sound. I am already spoiled by the old Xono and it sounds even more beautiful now. It’s hard to describe, but I’ll try anyway. Instruments sound more natural. A bit tighter, yet with a lot of body. Complex passages are drawn through even more precisely. Voices have more details. The three-dimensionality seems even more believable. Records fascinates me even more.

These details combine to create a pleasure like I have never experienced before.

The remote control allowed me to find the termination resistor for my pickup very, very easily. And no uncertainty remained.

I have some old records and to listen to them with the right equalization instead of RIAA is impressive.

I like listening to classical music, jazz and now and then rock from my youth. (Deep Purzle, Tull etc.)

Briefly to my music system:
Do-it-yourself record player (modified direct drive)
Selfmade tangential tone arm (air bearing) Thanks Detlef
Cartridge system: modified Denon DL103R
Phono preamplifier: New Xono 2019
Preamplifier: RStAudio VV6
Digitisation: Lynx Aurora 8, Acourate Convolver
Loudspeaker: Neumann KH420 from 80 Hz upwards, below tapped horns (Spud) do-it-yourself
Various room acoustic measures (self-construction)

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Meinolf S. (04-10-2020)

It is not difficult to say that this version of a XONO dwarfs pretty much everything I have heard so far.

Essential: the XONO2019 plays cleanly, with a pure sound, musically, spatially and coming from nowhere.

As a listener of classical music, I immediately became familiar with the switching of the characteristic curves and took one old record – especially DGG – after another from the shelf.

This is the main feature for me: it doesn’t play itself into the foreground, but brings out potential from the pickup and turntable that I had not suspected.

I have never heard the tonal blackness from which the music comes like this before. It is completely free of noise and hum. The music, no matter what genre, detaches itself completely light-footedly from the sound transducer.

Listening to music has taken on a new dimension, and as a reaction I have first ordered a batch of new records.

Ralph Stens:
A detailed review and a very readable report on the build-up of the XOno 2019 can be found on the homepage of Meinolf S.

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