XOno 2019 Pictures

Michael W. / Germany (16-07-2022)

Michael used his own microcontroller system with a great display to run the XOno 2019. A very impressive work! More pictures will follow.

Paul D. / United Kingdom (22-11-2021)

The current set up of Paul:

  • Linn Sondek LP12 with newly added Mose/Hercules II power supply, Helius Omega arm (silver wired) and Audio Technica AT33PTG.
  • Naim NAP 32.5 preamplifier with MC boards (Paul: “not that I need them any more!”)
  • Naim SNAPS Power Supply
  • Naim NAP160 Power Amplifier
  • Linn  Keilidhs Speakers
  • A mixture of QED and Naim interconnects and speaker cables.
  • The little speakers on top of the Keilidhs are some DIY speakers that Paul made just before the XOno. According to him, they sound pretty good with the ACP+ and ACA from Nelson Pass.

A very beautiful equipment in which the XOno 2019 fits in wonderfully.

Lothar D. / Germany (27-09-2021)

On view is a very remarkable DIY setup, a wonderful environment for the XOno 2019:

  • Pro-Ject Perspective Anniversary turntable with Ortofon Quintet Black cartridge
  • XOno 2019
  • Pass Labs Aleph 2 Mono Power Amplifier Replica
  • Centre loudspeaker for the surround system with Focal loudspeaker chassis according to a construction proposal from Hobby HiFi.
  • Audio PC with analogue low-noise power supply and Roon Optimised Core Kit (ROCK) as operating system as streamer/player
  • Pioneer surround amplifier
  • Mains filter with galvanic isolation
  • Sabre ES9038PRO DAC with tube output stage according to a circuit by Audiodesignguide
  • Passive preamplifier with volume control via Sowter transformers and circuit boards for relay switching by Dantimax
  • Ambient loudspeaker based on a construction proposal from Hobby HiFi
  • Stereo loudspeaker with drivers by Focal and ribbon tweeter by Fountek based on a Hobby HiFi construction proposal.
  • Subwoofer with lower cut-off frequency of 17Hz for surround sound according to a Hobby HiFi construction proposal

Steven W. / USA (09-02-2021)

The RStAudio XOno 2019 in a wonderful DIY environment. Unfortunately, the photos do not show the legendary Klipschorn in a modified version with which Steven listens to music. The XOno settings with relays but without a controller are solved very well with a DIP switch on the side. The XOno amplifies the signal of the Transrotor Fat Bob / Kuzma 4 Point / Sound Smith Sussurro – very impressive.

A complete review can be downloaded as a pdf file: Pass XONO Clone, Boards by RStAudio

Thomas C. / Germany (19-11-2020)

The RStAudio XOno 2019 in company with a Symphonic Line integrated amplifier, what a beautiful combination. The black cabinet fits very nicely into the system. The knob, adapted to the design of the integrated amplifier, looks very noble on the XOno.

The XOno 2019 has the full configuration without EQ boards – that means controller, 2SK2145, relay and servo controller. The large display is built in.

Meinolf S. / Germany (02-11-2020)

A Revox / Studer PR99 together with the RStAudio XOno 2019 in one rack, what a great sight. Especially the EMT drive equipped with 2 tonearms is a real eye-catcher.

The XOno 2019 has the full configuration – i.e. controller, EQ boards, 2SK2145, relay and servo controller. The small display is built in.

Heiner F. / Germany (03-10-2020)

This is the prototype which can already be seen on the XOno 2019 page. Here you can admire the phono preamplifier in its final environment. Special attention should be paid to the do-it-yourself drive with the beautiful DIY tangential tone arm by Detlef R., which also sounds outstandingly good.

The XOno 2019 has the full configuration – i.e. controller, EQ boards, 2SK2145, relay and servo controller. The large display is built in.